Do you have what used to be called a lawn?

Is it patchy, eaten by grubs, moss ridden, dry or overtaken by every kind of weed?

Lawns don't just manage themselves. Birds, wind or visitors shoes inevitably bring weed seeds and grubs in. Grass will die off in too much heat and will grow moss during winter. The good news is, we have solutions to treat all these common problems.

We can't make new lawn out of thin air, but WE CAN restore its health back into a thick, lush comfortable place to roll around on.

Experience Matters!

With so many varieties of lawn, from Buffalo to Zoysia, our knowledge is key to selecting the right herbicides and fertilisers to suit the variety and timing of application, year round. 

Balancing nutrients needed by your lawn in different seasons greatly impacts results. N:P:K (Nitrogen: Phosphorus: Potassium) ratios vary. Plus, other elements like Iron and Magnesium will boost growth and strength levels

Once we bring your lawn back to life, ask us about setting up a maintenance schedule to keep it lush and green all year long.

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