Cleaner Windows for Longer!

The power of pure water is well recognised as a better way of cleaning windows. 

It lasts longer, there's no detergents, it's safer and cleaner.

What Can We Clean?

  • Up to 4 Storys
  • Balcony Glass Railings
  • Solar Panels
  • Commercial, Strata, Residential
  • Shopfronts
  • And any other external glass

How Often?

We typically set up either a quarterly, bi-annual or yearly window clean schedule.

Why Clean Glass?

  • Presentation
  • Prevents long term etching damage
  • Prevents oxidation of frames
  • Keeps tenants happy

Traditional Squeegee V's Pure Water Brush

window cleaning squeegee

To traditionally clean high level strata and commercial windows, you need tall ladders. This is both dangerous and slow.

In addition, a fine film of detergent is left on the glass, causing dust to stick as it floats by.

Window cleaning with pure water provides a better result, but through a different process. The soft brush bristles on a long pole are directed from ground level, leaving the windows spotless and free from any detergents or contaminants. Hence, your windows stay CLEANER FOR LONGER.

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Pure water window cleaning brush

Regular tap water in Sydney has minerals. The average in Sydney is around 120ppm. Pure water used for cleaning windows removes all minerals to give a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of 000. This provides a spot free window once dry, with no squeegee required.

Pure water is generated through the use of a De-Ionisation cartridge, where the process of attraction draws the minerals out of the water and sticks to the resin beads. The output is pure water suitable for cleaning any surface, especially windows. It does not harm the environment as there are no chemicals used at all.

What Clients Say

Meticulous Property Maintenance recently provided window cleaning at our 3 story strata building in Wollstonecraft. As the person responsible for acquiring quotes, Brian met me on site for 1 hour and provided me with full explanation of what would be provided and the results to expect.

I am completely blown away with how clean our windows and frames are. The last window cleaner used a bucket, mop and squeegee, with great results, but Brian's water fed pole did a much better job. No spots, no drips and perfectly clean. Thanks Meticulous!" - James Macintosh, Cremorne

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